Colourful Voices Inc. is open and accepting new clients. Due to COVID-19, we will be taking necessary precautions as we see clients in their homes. Please contact us for more information. Teletherapy appointments continue to be available.

Frequently Asked Questions


Where do appointments take place?

Sessions can be held at your home, your child’s daycare, school, out-of-school care or an agreed upon location. Online sessions (e.g., teletherapy) are also available. Sessions conducted at the school/daycare/out-of-school care must be granted by the facility. Travel charges may apply.


When do appointments take place?

I am available Monday to Thursday between 8:30am to 4:30pm (MST).

However, we understand that families are busy and will be happy to discuss your situation and to come up with a time that works.


What happens in a session?

Sessions are individualized to the client’s goals and interests. As the client makes progress, goals will be updated. Therapy for children is play-based and designed for the child’s learning level. Parents are encouraged to participate during the session and to practice strategies modelled by the Speech-Language Pathologist. Suggestions, strategies, practice targets and progress are discussed during the last 5-15 minutes of the session.


What are the steps?

1. Contact us through email, phone or text.

2. Free consultation – A complimentary 15 minute consultation to review your concerns and answer any questions you may have.

3. We will send you a link to an intake and consent form for you to fill out prior to our first meeting.

4. We will set up an date for our first session. The first few sessions are used to determine the best therapy approach based on the client’s needs. Informal/formal assessment, goals and therapy plan will be discussed with the client/family. We will continue to monitor progress and change goals as therapy progresses.


What if my child has already seen a Speech-Language Pathologist?

We would love to help you with the continuation of your child’s growth and would love to talk to or have a copy of the report from the previous SLP. This will ensure continuity of services and help us build on the skills and strategies that have already been taught. If your child currently has an SLP at school, we would love to work with them as a team to ensure that your child is getting the support they need in multiple settings.


Are fees subsidized or covered by insurance?

Many insurance plans cover speech and language services. Colourful Voices Inc. will be able to provide you with the Speech-Language Pathologist’s registration number and a receipt for reimbursement and tax purposes. Colourful Voices Inc. does not bill directly to insurance companies. There are also some funding sources (e.g., FSCD) that may also cover these services as well.


Canada Customs and Revenue Agency consider fees paid for private speech and language therapy by a Speech-Language Pathologist to be a tax-deductible medical expense.


What are the costs of your services?

My rate for services are $140/hour, $110/45 minutes and $75/30 minutes. This rate applies to all services including assessment, treatment and documentation.


How long and how frequent are your sessions?

Sessions are 30, 45 or 60 minutes in duration. Session length and frequency depends on the family’s preference, age, attention and goals.

Once a week may be a good fit for many families, however, some children would benefit from more frequent, intensive practice.

45 or 60 minutes are suggested for in-person therapy. 


Have more questions? Please contact us.